Okay we all know that technology is our friend, right? It is certainly poised to change the real estate industry. I rarely have a client that comes to me without knowing what property is out there. I love that. Although I can search two MLS databases for what I believe is the perfect property – perfection is very nuanced. I can search for views, number of bedrooms, etc. and add what I think is a perfect match based on conversations.  What could be better? When someone shops themselves and brings me a defined list to do a “deeper dive”.

So why do you need me? Based on my experience and access to data I can evaluate the accuracy of price, value and potential issues with a specific property. However, my true value is in representing your interests and protecting you. I come from the philosophy that most people are good. Most do not set out to “get you” but also as humans we want what we want and for the best price – true if you are a seller or a buyer. You need me to interpret one of the biggest transactions of your life. So yes, realtors are going to have to change for this evolving industry but at the end of the day my job is to protect you and ensure your interests are first. I take that very seriously. So feel free to shop the websites just call me next.


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